Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Omniscient reader’s viewpoint Manga is a Korean manga written by the South Korean writer sing N song. The novel named Omniscient Reader’s Perspective (Korean: 전지적독자시점; English: Omniscient Reader ) was serialized in munia in 2018. And the Chinese physical book release: August 3, 2021 The main character of the manga is Kim Dokja who is The protagonist of this work.


The protagonist Jin Duzi is an ordinary office worker whose only hobby is reading the online novel “Three Ways to Survive in a Perishing World” (referred to as the “Deactivation Method”). However, during the ten-year serialization period, the protagonist is the only reader. When the protagonist finishes reading the final words, the scenes in the novel become reality in an instant. As the city becomes purgatory, familiar novel characters appear one after another, and even the powerful “novel protagonist” who moves the whole story begins to act according to the plot, the familiar daily life will no longer return, and a new world is being born, and Jin The Only Son will be the only reader who will know how this new world will end.

Main Characters

Kim Dokja (Korean: 김독자 ): The protagonist of this work. As the only reader of the online novel “Deactivation Law” for more than ten years, his understanding and future development of this new world is clearer than everyone around him.
Yoo Jonghyuk (Korean: 유중혁 ): As the protagonist of “Deactivation”, due to his “return” and “inheritance” of star marks, he can return to the time when the main quest started after each death and inherit his past memories and various skills, so that he has more strategy information, and the ability value can increase infinitely in a limited life compared to others.
Yoo Sangah (Korean: 유상아): It is Jin Duzi’s colleague in the human resources department of the game company Minosoft. She was once known as the “Briefing Queen”. After the bicycle was stolen by Han Mingwu, he took subway line 3 to commute and encountered Jin’s only son. He was involved in main task #1, and later became one of Jin only son’s partners.